Client certificates and two factor authentication with client certificates in MembershipReboot


I just released v3.0.0 of MembershipReboot. It was a significant enough change to warrant going to 3.0. From my chicken scratch release notes:

Features added:

  • separate EF code from the main library. there’s now a new library that contains the EF-specific persistence code.
  • reworked the separation of the membership reboot configuration from the repository. this was necessary due to the EF library refactoring, plus it’s now cleaner.
  • removed all the deprecated code and classes (mainly to eliminate confusion)
  • added support for client certificates. client certificates can be used to either login or can be used as part of two factor authentication (in lieu of mobile sms two factor auth).
  • added concept of groups (or group definitions). this doesn’t affect how roles (or groups) are associated with user accounts. rather it’s just a new entity/table where an application can define what groups the application uses. this was mainly added…

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