OWIN Authentication Middleware Architecture

What we’ve been doing lately…


In Katana (Microsoft’s OWIN framework and host implementation) there is an abstraction for creating middleware that does authentication. Microsoft has defined base class called AuthenticationMiddleware and AuthenticationHandler (among other helper classes) and these work to process requests to establish the identity of the user. Microsoft has also defined several derived classes that implement various authentication schemes, such as Basic authentication, cookie-based (comparable to forms authentication in ASP.NET), and external authentication mechanisms (like google, facebook, microsoft accounts, etc.).

The processing model for authentication middleware is as such. In the application’s startup configuration authentication middleware would be registered (much like any other middleware). The AuthenticationMiddleware base class provides the implementation of Invoke (the required middleware “interface”), and the derived implementation overrides CreateHandler to return a new instance of an AuthenticationHandler. The authentication handler is created per-request and it then overrides various base class methods depending on the nature of the authentication…

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