Announcing MembershipReboot


It’s sort of silly that I’m doing an announcement now since MembershipReboot is at version 2.1 (my first release was in January, 2013), but since I never made a formal post on it, this will have to suffice.

It’s no secret I’ve been a harsh critic of the ASP.NET membership system (since ~2005 when it was first released) and have never been able to use membership on any real projects (either due to requirements of the project where membership didn’t match or the design of membership being was too leaky of an abstraction). Since I’ve been building these sorts of libraries over and over for many years now, I finally decided to write a more formal library and open source it for others to use (and contribute to). From the readme:

MembershipReboot is a user identity management and authentication library. It has nothing to do with the ASP.NET Membership Provider…

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