Building a federated authentication client with OpenID Connect


Dominick and I have been working hard at implementing OpenID Connect in Thinktecture IdentityServer. Dominick has recently completed the authorization server and user profile endpoint bits. We also just recently completed a sample for a basic profile client (meaning server-side web application, or code flow client).

Our approach was to provide a very simple library to allow a client application to authenticate users without knowing all the protocol details. We built a http module (inspired by WIF’s FAM) that will implement all the necessary protocol details and once the user’s identity is established we then use the SAM to log the user into the application. To use the library all the client application needs to do is register the OpenIdConnectAuthenticationModule http module (as well as the SAM) and provide some configuration settings. Here are the steps:

In web.config, register the http modules:

Then configure the OpenIdConnectAuthenticationModule, either…

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