Bringing SWT Support back to Thinktecture IdentityModel

When Microsoft released the JWT library, I thought that’s a good opportunity to remove the SWT support from IdentityModel. But it turns out, there are still scenarios for SWT – so I refreshed my old code and added the SWT token and token handler back.

Note: I am now using the NamedKeyIssuerTokenResolver from the JWT library which is very useful here and allowed me to remove a lot of my custom code.

Here’s how it works – Creating a token:

public SimpleWebToken CreateToken(byte[] key)


    var descripter = new SecurityTokenDescriptor


        TokenIssuerName = http://issuer,

        AppliesToAddress = http://audience,


        Lifetime = new Lifetime(DateTime.Now, DateTime.Now.AddMinutes(5)),

        Subject = new ClaimsIdentity(GetClaims()),


        SigningCredentials = new HmacSigningCredentials(key),



    var handler = new SimpleWebTokenHandler();

    return handler.CreateToken(descripter) as SimpleWebToken;



Validating a token

private static void ValidateSwtToken(string tokenString)
    var configuration = new SecurityTokenHandlerConfiguration();
    var validationKey = new InMemorySymmetricSecurityKey(
    // audience validation
new Uri(Constants.Realm));
    // signature & issuer validation
    var resolverTable = new Dictionary<string, IList<SecurityKey>>
        { Constants.IdSrv.IssuerUri, new SecurityKey[] { validationKey } }
    configuration.IssuerTokenResolver = 
new NamedKeyIssuerTokenResolver(resolverTable);
    var handler = new SimpleWebTokenHandler();
    handler.Configuration = configuration;
    var token = handler.ReadToken(tokenString);
    var ids = handler.ValidateToken(token);
    "\n\nValidated Claims:".ConsoleYellow();
    foreach (var claim in ids.First().Claims)
        Console.WriteLine("{0}\n {1}\n", claim.Type, claim.Value);


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