Getting JSON web tokens (JWTs) from ADFS via Thinktecture IdentityServer’s ADFS Integration

This can be very handy when having to integrate web APIs / mobile devices with ADFS!


Dominick and I recently added three features to IdentityServer that collectively we call “ADFS Integration”. This “ADFS Integration” is a new protocol (which can be enabled, disabled and configured like any other protocol IdentityServer supports). In short this new protocol helps obtain JWTs (indirectly) from ADFS (or really any WS-Trust enabled STS). I’ll describe the three use cases here and how we provide a solution for each:

Scenario #1 — Converting SAML to JWT for delegation-like use:

Imagine you’re building a website that authenticates users by accepting SAML tokens from an ADFS STS that your app trusts (standard WS-Fed). Your app then wants to invoke a WebAPI using the end-user’s identity (a delegation-like scenario). The WebAPI trusts ADFS and wants to leverage all the features of ADFS in producing the token for the WebAPI (such as the authorization rules, claims issuance rules, etc.), but the WebAPI only wants to accept…

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