Dominick is the person who convinced me to build the CORS implementation in Thinktecture IdentityModel. I didn’t realize it would be used as much as it has. Given the popularity and the need for something built into ASP.NET (and specifically WebAPI), I submitted my CORS implementation  as a contribution to the ASP.NET web stack. Microsoft accepted my contribution and I worked with them for a couple of weeks to rework the design for inclusion into the platform.

I’m happy to announce that today Microsoft (specifically Yao, who was a pleasure to work with) did the checkin into the master branch to support CORS in the ASP.NET web stack. This means we’ll have framework support for CORS in the next release of WebAPI. It also means that I get the honor and privilege to be listed as a contributor to ASP.NET.

Yao has already provided some initial documentation here

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