Update on Thinktecture IdentityServer v2 Beta (Refresh 2)

Just wanted to give you a quick update what’s happening with IdentityServer. Brock and I were working really hard to get some new features in, e.g.

  • Mobile support for the login and home realm discovery pages
  • Standards compliant OAuth2 flows (Resource Owner Password Grant and Implicit Grant)
  • Support for Facebook, Google and Live logins directly in IdSrv (e.g. for home realm discovery)

You can get the latest distributable here. Or clone the source.

What’s next?
We are in bug fix and feedback mode right now. So try it out, and tell us if something is not working for (or also if something is working for you…). Please use the issue tracker for this.

We also have some more blog posts and videos in the pipeline that have a closer look at the various features. Stay tuned.


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