WIF & .NET 4.5 Identity and Access Control Training

Just a quick update – I will run my public WIF class for the last time on the 14th/15th November in Oslo (the dates on the page are not correct anymore).

After that there will be a brand new .NET 4.5 based course titled “Identity & Access Control for .NET 4.5 Applications”. Expect a two day deep dive into all things identity, tokens, claims and federation ;) The full module outline will follow soon.

The first run will be in February 2013 – also in Oslo.

cu there.

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6 Responses to WIF & .NET 4.5 Identity and Access Control Training

  1. bin says:

    i will feel very happy if those deep dive videos will be captured and provided for download…

  2. Your course on Pluralsight was excellent. Thank you for that.

  3. Yuriy G says:

    Dominik, is there training schedule for 2013?

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