Update on Thinktecture IdentityServer

It’s been quiet lately around IdSrv, and the reason is that we are actively working on it ;)

But to clear up some confusion, this is the current state:

  • The current stable versions are for .NET 4.0/WIF only. You can download the source and binaries from Codeplex.
  • The current .NET 4.5 bits are not quite there yet – but you have several options
    • the “Port-to-45” branch on github is a straight port from the 4.0 version to 4.5. It is not extensively tested, but seems to work.
    • the “New-Configuration-System” branch is where we are currently checking in new features. This version is not really functional right now due to absence of the admin UI.

So what are those new Features?
We are currently thinking about a number of enhancements for the next version – more details in later posts.

But generally the whole STS becomes far more modular. We realized that for most scenarios, only a subset of the functionality was really needed – but the code base wasn’t really very helpful when it came to actually remove functionality. In the next version it will be possible to tailor the installation to exactly your needs and more extensibility points will enable better customization. It will be e.g. possible to self host certain STS endpoints (like an embedded STS) or to easily add new protocols that can use the core STS engine for the heavy lifting.

Next Steps
The next step will be to have a beta version based on the new architecture that supports WS-Federation, WS-Trust, Simple HTTP and OAuth2 (Resource Owner Password Credential Grant).

After that we will gradually add new features…

Stay tuned.

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13 Responses to Update on Thinktecture IdentityServer

  1. Chris Bednarski says:

    Great work. I’m really intrigued by the embedded STS. Is this something that could be hosted inside a WPF app, be used for local/offline authentication and claim transformation?

    • Thanks. The plan is that all endpoints that don’t require a UI, will be hostable in arbitrary processes. Or vice versa – you use the STS engine API in your own applications.

      • Chris Bednarski says:

        Using the STS engine API from within my own application is what I’m excited about. Even better, if I could provide my own identity storage, à la .NET membership provider backed by SQL server

  2. Well – this has always been possible. You need to implement IUserRepository and IClaimsRepository and wire up your implementations in config.

  3. Dominik Deren says:

    HI, great work on both the IdSrv and the IdentityModel, we started to use them in couple of our projects, it is a delight. I know this is an offtopic question, but I don’t want to start a new thread somewhere else. Is there somewhere a demo of Session token impl using IdentityModel?

  4. bhaal275 says:

    Could you be possibly a bit more specific? I have already went through the whole github repo before asking this question… Maybe I have missed it somehow?

  5. bhaal275 says:

    I will, thanks!

  6. Hi Domink,
    I am getting issue while deploying identity server 4.5. Its working fine on my local system. but when i deploy it on production than it does not call the funcion of reference dll i.e in Oauth2 Controller it does not call the “Thinktecture.IdentityServer.Core.Repositories” ValidateUser() function of ProviderUserRepository class.
    Do you have any idea what will be the issue.

  7. Linh says:

    404 error when I click on github link :(

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