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Thinktecture.IdentityServer for .NET 4.5

I have uploaded the first bits of the 4.5 version of IdentityServer to github. I didn’t have time to test this extensively, but since some people have asked me about it, I just uploaded the current snapshot. Feedback is always … Continue reading

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Thinktecture.IdentityModel and ASP.NET Web API: The MessageHandler

Over the last posts I showed how you can associate HTTP request fields with authentication logic. The last missing piece is the MessageHandler for Web API (see here for more info on message handlers). A very simple implementation would look … Continue reading

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The simplest SecurityToken / Handler you can write

Integrating a credential into the whole WIF / .NET 4.5 token and claims ecosystem is “easy” – in the sense of you only have to write a SecurityToken and SecurityTokenHandler implementation. While this is not really hard, it is not … Continue reading

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