Updated IdentityServer Sample Relying Party

I just uploaded a new version of the sample relying party. The three changes are:

  • Added a session token diagnostics page. This allows to look at cookie sizes, details and the raw contents
  • Sample code to switch to session mode
  • Sample code to implement sliding expiration

This was already included since 1.0:

  • WS-Federation example
  • Claims viewer
  • Token viewer
  • Active sign in via WS-Trust
  • Delegation


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3 Responses to Updated IdentityServer Sample Relying Party

  1. Connie DeCinko says:

    Is there an even newer version? This one is not found.

  2. indicode says:

    Hi Dominick,

    I need your guidance on the following issue. Please note that I have never worked with IdentityServer before.
    My customer is using services of XYZ service provider who has setup IdentityServer 3 as Identity Provider for the applications used by users of our customer.
    Now our customer wants to setup their own IDP as source of authentication for the users belong to them in IdentityServer 3 (user will be sync to new LDAP of IDP).
    My Question is: Is it possible to configure Identity Server as Relying Party against our new IDP setup?
    Please note that Relying party configuration needed to be done along with existing OpenID connect provider configuration so that same IdentityServer instance can act as OP and RP sametime.

    Do you suggest any other alternative ?

    Looking forward for reply..

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