Roadmap for Thinktecture IdentityServer

I got asked today if I could publish a roadmap for thinktecture IdentityServer (idrsv in short).

Well – I got a lot of feedback after B1 and one of the biggest points here was the data access layer. So I made two changes:

  • I moved to configuration database access code to EF 4.1 code first. That makes it much easier to change the underlying database. So it is now just a matter of changing the connection string to use real SQL Server instead of SQL Compact. Important when you plan to do scale out.
  • I included the ASP.NET Universal Providers in the download. This adds official support for SQL Azure, SQL Server and SQL Compact for the membership, roles and profile features. Unfortunately the Universal Provider use a different schema than the original ASP.NET providers (that sucks btw!) – so I made them optional. If you want to use them go to web.config and uncomment the new provider.

Then there are some other small changes:

  • The relying party registration entries now have added fields to add extra data that you want to couple with the RP. One use case could be to give the UI a hint how the login experience should look like per RP. This allows to have a different look and feel for different relying parties. I also included a small helper API that you can use to retrieve the RP record based on the incoming WS-Federation query string.
  • WS-Federation single sign out is now conforming to the spec.
  • I made certificate based endpoint identities for SSL endpoints optional. This caused some problems with configuration and versioning of existing clients.

I hope I can release the RC in the next days. If there are no major issues, there will be RTM very soon!

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