Sample Relying Party for Thinktecture.IdentityServer

I uploaded a sample RP for IdentityServer. It shows some basic things like connecting a web application via WS-Federation and a SOAP service via WS-Trust.

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5 Responses to Sample Relying Party for Thinktecture.IdentityServer

  1. Naveen rayappa says:

    I am able to Create a JWT token , but finding difficulties in sending that back to RP.
    can you suggest what is the best way to return JWT to RP ?
    is there any class in Identity Model which males this task simple ?

    • You send JWTs on the HTTP authorization header. No helper required for that.

      On the service side you can use IdentityModel to parse the token. See the wiki on github for more info.

      • Naveen Rayappa says:

        I am much thankful to you .
        I was reading “” to get some information on what you suggested …
        However , is there any samples which does it ? or can you suggest me classes , which I should look into to send JWT in authorization header ?

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