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Updates for Thinktecture.IdentityModel

I just uploaded a new version to codeplex and nuget (Thinktecture.IdentityModel). Besides some bug fixes and clean up I added the ProtectedCookie feature and some more extension methods.

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Useful Extensions for SecurityToken Handling – Convert a SecurityToken to Claims

That’s a very common one: public static IClaimsPrincipal ToClaimsPrincipal( this SecurityToken token, X509Certificate2 signingCertificate){    var configuration = CreateStandardConfiguration(signingCertificate);    return token.ToClaimsPrincipal(configuration.CreateDefaultHandlerCollection());}   public static IClaimsPrincipal ToClaimsPrincipal(this SecurityToken token, X509Certificate2 signingCertificate, string audienceUri){    var configuration = CreateStandardConfiguration(signingCertificate);     configuration.AudienceRestriction.AudienceMode = AudienceUriMode.Always;    configuration.AudienceRestriction.AllowedAudienceUris.Add(new Uri(audienceUri));     return token.ToClaimsPrincipal(configuration.CreateDefaultHandlerCollection());}   public static IClaimsPrincipal ToClaimsPrincipal( … Continue reading

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Migrating a Local IdentityServer Membership Database to SQL Azure

This is a useful tool to accomplish this:

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IdentityServer Azure Edition Screencast

I recorded a short screencast about the Windows Azure Edition of IdentityServer. It includes a quick walkthrough of the solution and setup instructions.

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Protecting Cookies: Once and For All

Every once in a while you run into a situation where you need to temporarily store data for a user in a web app. You typically have two options here – either store server-side or put the data into a … Continue reading

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