IdentityServer Beta 1 Refresh & Windows Azure Support

I just uploaded two new releases to Codeplex.


IdentityServer B1 refresh
A number of bug fixes and streamlined extensibility interfaces. Mostly a result of adding the Windows Azure support.

Nothing has changed with regards to setup. Make sure you watch the intro video on the Codeplex site.

IdentityServer B1 (Windows Azure Edition)
I have now implemented all repositories for Windows Azure backed data storage. The default setup assumes you use the ASP.NET SQL membership provider database in SQL Azure and Table Storage for relying party, client certificates and delegation settings.

The setup is simple:

  • Upload your SSL/signing certificate via the portal
  • Adjust the .cscfg file ā€“ you need to insert your storage account, certificate thumbprint and distinguished name
    • There is a setup tool that can automatically insert the certificate distinguished names into your config file
  • Adjust the connection string for the membership database in WebSiteconfigurationconnectionString.config
  • Deploy

Feature-wise this looks like the V1 release to me. It would be great if you could give me feedback, when you find a bug etc. ā€“ especially:

  • Do the built-in repository implementations work for you (both on-premise and Azure)?
  • Are the repository interfaces enough to add you own data store or feature?
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