Access Control Service: Walkthrough Videos of Web Application, SOAP, REST and Silverlight Integration

Over the weekend I worked a little more on my ACS2 sample. Instead of writing it all down, I decided to quickly record four short videos that cover the relevant features and code. Have fun ;)

Part 1 – Overview
This video does a quick walkthrough of the solution and shows the web application part. This includes driving the sign in UI via JavaScript (thanks Matias) as well as the registration logic I wrote about here.


Part 2 – SOAP Service and Client
The sample app also exposes a WCF SOAP service. This video shows how to wire up the service to ACS and hows how to create a client that first requests a token from an IdP and then sends this token to ACS.


Part 3 – REST Service and Client
This part shows how to set up a WCF REST service that consumes SWT tokens from ACS. Unfortunately there is currently no standard WIF plumbing for REST. For the service integration I had to combine a lot of code from different sources (kzu, zulfiq) as well as the WIF SDK and OAuth CTPs together. But it is working.


Part 4 – Silverlight and Web Identity Integration
This part took by far the most time to write. The Silverlight Client shows ho to sign in to the application using a registered identity provider (including web identities) and using the resulting SWT token to call our REST service. This is designed to be a desktop (OOB) client application (thanks to Jörg for the UI magic).



code download

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