Thinktecture.IdentityServer Beta 1

I just upload beta 1 to codeplex. Please test this version and give me feedback.

Some quick notes on setup

  • Watch the intro screencast on the codeplex site.
  • Use the setup tool to set the signing and SSL certificate. You can now also set the ACLs on the private key for your worker pool account.
  • IIS is required .
  • SSL for the IIS site the STS runs in is required.
  • Users of the STS must be in the ‘IdentityServerUsers’ role.
  • Admins of the STS must be in the ‘IdentityServerAdministrators’ roles.

What’s new?
Mainly smaller bits and pieces and some refactoring. The biggest under the cover change is a new authorization model for the STS itself. If, e.g. you don’t like the new roles I introduced, you can easily change the behavior in the claims authorization manager in the STS web site project.

What’s missing?
The big one is Azure support. Not that I ran into unforeseeable problems here, I just wanted to wait until the on-premise version is more stabilized. Now with B1 I can start adding Azure support back.

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