Thinktecture StarterSTS 1.0 RTW

Wow – I can’t tell you how happy and relieved I am to write this post ;)

I started to work with what’s now called WIF approximately two years ago – and built various security token services for customers, demos and internal use. The idea behind StarterSTS was to have a non-trivial security token service sample that demonstrates the typical tasks of an STS (where it turns out that issuing tokens is by far the smallest part) and at the same time is real world enough to be directly used in specialized situations like development STSes.

I checked-in the first public version of StarterSTS at 25th May 2009 and had 1861 download so far. Today I am announcing StarterSTS 1.0 which is feature complete (and hopefully reasonably bug-free) and finally includes documentation as well as nine new screencasts on the various feature areas.

I want to thank all beta-testers and early adopters that gave feedback along the way! Now that 1.0 is done we can think about ways to extend the STS in the future.

Codeplex Site (main) (direct) (forum)


Initial setup & configuration
Federating your first web application
Federating with web services
Single-Sign-On & Confirmation screen
Using the REST endpoint
Using the OpenId bridge
Using client certificates
Using Information Cards

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