Requesting Tokens from ADFS2 using Silverlight and Windows Authentication

With SL4’s support for NTLM and the WIF integration bits, you can now easily request tokens from ADFS2 (or any other token service that supports Windows authentication) in single-sign-on style. Here’s the quick walk-through…

Enable the right endpoint in ADFS2
You need a WS-Trust endpoint for version 1.3 that supports transport security and Windows authentication. This endpoint needs to be enabled in the ADFS2 MMC (/trust/13/windowstransport).

Configure WSTrustClient and request the Token
Next you have to configure WSTrustClient to use this endpoint, using the Windows binding and Windows credential type:

var client = new WSTrustClient(
    new WSTrustBindingWindows(),
    new EndpointAddress(https://server/adfs/services/trust/13/windowstransport”),
    new WindowsCredentials());

From there on you can include the token to auth against other services.

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