StarterSTS V1.0 Beta 1

OK – I finally was able to carve out some time…This is the first feature complete release of the StarterSTS!

New features include:

  • client certificate support for WS-Fed and WS-Trust endpoints
  • new relying party configuration
    • allows specifying an explicit reply to address
    • allows relying parties without encryption
  • refactoring of web site / STS code.

Still no docs – sorry. Please contact me via the Codeplex forum if you have any questions.

Some brief migration remarks:

  • relying parties are now configured in relyingParties.config. Move the RP entries from certificates.config to this new config file
  • userMappings.config allows mapping client certificates to membership users
  • profile configuration has been moved to profile.config

On the todo list:

  • documentation
  • simplified installation
  • IIS InetMgr integration for all configuration aspects

What I need from you:

  • testers!
  • input and feedback
  • volunteers for completing the todos

Have fun!

download here:

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