Over the last years I have worked with several incarnations of what is now called the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF). Throughout that time I continuously built a little helper library that made common tasks easier to accomplish. Now that WIF is near to its release, I put that library (now called Thinktecture.IdentityModel) on Codeplex.

The library includes:

  • Extension methods for
    • IClaimsIdentity, IClaimsPrincipal, IPrincipal
    • XmlElement, XElement, XmlReader
    • RSA, GenericXmlSecurityToken
  • Extensions to ClaimsAuthorizationManager (inspecting messages, custom principals)
  • Logging extensions for SecurityTokenService
  • Simple STS (e.g. for REST)
  • Helpers for WS-Federation message handling (e.g. as a replacement for the STS WebControl)
  • Sample security tokens and security token handlers
    • simple access token with expiration
    • compressed security token
  • API and configuration section for easy certificate loading
  • Diagnostics helpers
  • ASP.NET WebControl for invoking an identity selector (e.g. CardSpace)

I have also added some samples and a rudimentary API documentation. You can download the whole package

Feel free to contact me via the forum when you have questions or found a bug.

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