StarterSTS Version 0.93

I just uploaded a minor update.

  • refactored ScopeOptions to PolicyOptions and added a PolicyScope class
  • CertificateProvider class abstracts physical loading of relying party encryption certificates
  • /users/restIssue.svc is a Restful token issuance endpoint – you can use a simple GET to retrieve a token (see here)

btw – this is the client code you can use to talk to the REST issuance endpoint:

public static string GetToken(
  string username, string password, string uri, string realm)
    using (var client = new WebClient())
        var encoding = Encoding.GetEncoding(“iso-8859-1”);
        string encodedCreds = Convert.ToBase64String(
          encoding.GetBytes(String.Format(“{0}:{1}”, username, password)));
        string authHeader = string.Format(“Basic {0}”, encodedCreds);
        realm = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(realm);

        client.Headers.Add(HttpRequestHeader.Authorization, authHeader);

        return client.DownloadString(
          string.Format(“{0}/?realm={1}”, uri, realm));

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