Using IdentityModel: Some Samples

Here are some typical usage scenario of IdentityPrincipal in ASP.NET.

Simple IsInRole calls (checks for a status claim with a value of ‘Gold’):



Retrieving the OrderHistory claim:

IdentityPrincipal ip = IdentityPrincipal.Current;
Claim orderHistory = ip.ClaimSets.FindClaim(

var orders = orderHistory.Get<List<OrderDetail>>();


..or some authorization code from my CardSpace sample app – thanks to the unified authorization model, I can share this method across ASP.NET, ASMX and WCF:

public static IEnumerable<MessageBoard> GetBoardsForUser(
  AuthorizationContext context, bool includePublic)
    List<MessageBoard> boards = new List<MessageBoard>();

    foreach (Claim typeClaim in context.ClaimSets.FindClaims(
      new ApplicationIssuerClaimSet()))
        string type = typeClaim.Get<string>();
        if (“Public”.Equals(type) && includePublic == false) continue;


    return boards;

I have updated the source download here to include a console, WCF and ASP.NET test app that share the same authorization model.

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