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thinktecture & DevelopMentor: Guerilla Enterprise .NET Kurs in München

Geballtes Know-How – für Sie! thinktecture und DevelopMentor kündigen im Rahmen einer Partnerschaft das erste in Deutschland stattfindende “Enterprise .NET”-Event an. Es wird in der Woche vom 26. Mai 2008 in München stattfinden und im berühmt-berüchtigten “Guerilla”-Format abgehalten: Über 50 … Continue reading

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Using IdentityModel: Claims

A claim is a piece of information that you want to associate with an entity (usually a user) in your system. Commonly used claims are e.g. the name of a user or his roles. The usual course of events is, … Continue reading

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Using System.IdentityModel and LeastPrivilege.IdentityModel

Michael (a reader) recently wrote: “You posted on your blog that System.IdentityModel is not tied to WCF…I understand how the claims, rights, and resources work. And I have created an Authorization Policy that implements IAuthorizationPolicy. But how do I make … Continue reading

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Be careful with ServiceAuthorizationManager.CheckAccess()

I wrote here about a new method to override in ServiceAuthorizationManager. Yesterday suddenly a service began to behave very strangely after adding an authorization manager to it – and after some debugging I found out that my custom claims were … Continue reading

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Extending IIS 7 Configuration

If you want to add your own configuration sections (e.g. for this or this) to IIS 7 you have to write a schema file and dop it into the schema folder. From that point on it can be picked up … Continue reading

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Fantastic tab completion add-on for Powershell.

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My +1 List

I don’t really like to just “+1” other blog posts I find – but Google Reader allows me to conveniently create a list of blog entries that I like to share with other people. You can access this list here … Continue reading

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