Extending IIS 7 Configuration

If you want to add your own configuration sections (e.g. for this or this) to IIS 7 you have to write a schema file and dop it into the schema folder. From that point on it can be picked up by appcmd or ServerManager – all is good.

Thanks to Brock I found an article that shows how to extend existing configuration sections. I wanted to do that for my custom basic authentication module to live under the security element in IIS 7 but shied away from it because I didn’t want to modify the built-in schema files. Now it turns out that IIS 7 can merge multiple schema files.

So if you want to extend an existing section – simply write a schema file for that section with your additional elements and attributes and drop it into the schema folder. Through the eyes of the configuration system the section will contain the built in and added information. Cool!

See also here.

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