TechEd:Developer 2007 Security Track

TechEd:Developer in Barcelona this year will be the first TechEd ever that has a “physical” security track. That’s great.

There are great speakers and interesting sessions on this track, e.g. Michael Howard (SDL, Threat Modeling), Keith Brown (identity, claims and ADFS), Mike Downen (Silverlight and 3.5 security), Rafal Lukawiecki (crypto and Vista security), Chris Chorio (UAC and WIM for developers), Vittorio Bertocci (CardSpace) and Alik Levin (web security).

I’ll add some stuff about my favourite topics: WCF security and CardSpace.

Also join Keith and me for the panel discussion on CardSpace and the Identity Metasystem if you are around. Should be fun.

I am excited. Thanks to Sebastian for making this happen!!!


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