Another update to the CardSpace Control for ASP.NET (2)

Sorry about the confusion – but I felt like adding some more “nice to have” features to the control.

In this new version you can tell the control to render only if CardSpace is supported in the client browser. For this I added three new properties:

  • RenderOnlyIfSupported (self explanatory)
  • DivToRender (specifies the <div /> to render if CardSpace is supported
  • RenderMode (either Static or Dynamic – render either a hidden or a none div. Like the display mode in validation controls)

The tag could look like this:

<div id="selectorDiv">
    <h2>CardSpace Login</h2>
    <lp:CardSpaceSelector runat="server" ID="_selector" 
AutoPostback="true" IssuerType="SelfIssued" OnTokenSubmitted="_selector_TokenSubmitted" RenderOnlyIfSupported="true" DivToRender="selectorDiv" RenderMode="Dynamic"> <lp:ClaimType Name="Email" /> <lp:ClaimType Name="Surname" /> <lp:ClaimType Name="PPID" /> <lp:ClaimType Type="Custom" CustomName="http://foo" IsOptional="true" /> </lp:CardSpaceSelector> </div> (51.76 KB)


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