Updated CardSpace Control for ASP.NET

Update: updated version here.

I did some updates to the CardSpace control I posted last year. It now produces cleaner HTML which plays nicer with the Firefox plugin and has improved server side markup.

A typical tag could look like this:

<lp:CardSpaceSelector runat="server" ID="_selector" AutoPostback="true"

  <lp:ClaimType name="Email" />
  <lp:ClaimType name="Surname" />
  <lp:ClaimType name="PPID" />
  <lp:ClaimType type="Custom" CustomName="http://foo" isOptional="true" />


The name attribute now supports intellisense so you don’t have to remember all those claim type namespace URIs.

I intentionally did not couple the control with any token decryption logic or user management. There are simply too many options how to handle claims in your application and I didn’t want to dictate any style or pattern.

After the postback you can retrieve the encrypted token from the XmlToken property and use the token decryption logic of your choice to get to the claims (a tweaked version of the TokenProcessor SDK sample is included – but you may wanna consider using the TokenDecryptionService).

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  if (IsPostBack)
    // retrieve encrypted XML
    string xmlToken = _selector.XmlToken;
    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(xmlToken))
      // parse and decrypt the token
      Token token = new Token(xmlToken);
      string email = token.Claims[ClaimTypes.Email];

CardSpaceSelectorV2.zip (51.13 KB)


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