ASP.NET Security Context Troubleshooting Tool

I slightly updated ShowContexts.aspx recently during some IIS7 research work. So I thought I post the new version here.


  • shows authentication and impersonation settings
  • shows configured role and membership providers
  • shows configured trust level (well – for completeness only – you need full trust for this page to work correctly)
  • shows the IPrincipal/IIdentity types on Context.User and Thread.CurrentPrincipal
  • shows the name and authentication type on Context.User and Thread.CurrentPrincipal
  • shows the thread identity (when impersonation is enabled)
  • shows the IIS LogonUser identity (used by FileAuthorizationModule)
  • shows the client cert (and some embedded information like the UPN if available)
  • shows roles (for Windows-, Roles and GenericPrincipal)
  • allows to save an aggregated config.web (with all settings from machine.config down to the vdir)
  • can set a FormsAuthentication ticket to simulate authentication

HTH (2.67 KB)


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2 Responses to ASP.NET Security Context Troubleshooting Tool

  1. Carl Reid says:

    The download link is not working. Also the link to the tool from IIS.NET is also broken.
    Do you have an up-to-date link ? Thanks.

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