Source Code Navigation

OK – this is nothing new at all – more a note to self…

Source code navigation in VS is cumbersome…I want hyperlinks for methods, classes, properties etc. – and I want a browser like back/forward navigation. Is this available in VS and I am missing something?

I really like the way you can navigate code in Reflector and I use it often to look at my own source code. Reflector also supports .PDB files which means your variable names etc. are shown correctly in Reflector (unlike string1 to n).

You can easily invoke Reflector from VS for browsing – just add a custom tool entry for Reflector to the Tools menu – set the argument to TargetPath and the working directory to TargetDir – and enable .PDB support in Reflector…nice.

I really wish Lutz would work on Visual Studio to improve such basic things…

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