UAC DropPad

What bugs me from time to time with Vista and UAC is that I cannot directly start data files (like .sln files) elevated – I always have to start the application (like Visual Studio) elevated first and open the solution from there.

So I wrote a little WinForms app that allows to drag&drop arbitrary files on it and starts the associated application elevated.

The bare bones were easy to write, but my WinForms skills suck – so Jörg Neumann added some finishing touches and UI magic to it. So if this is useful for you, feel free to take it as our X-mas present.

Merry Christmas! (27.17 KB)

UPDATE1: I slightly modified the code – if you don’t want to have an open window around – just keep a shortcut to UacDropPad.exe on your desktop and drag&drop the files you wannt to start elevated on the icon.

UPDATE2: Brock doesn’t like to drag&drop. You can also add UacDropPad to the “Send to” menu – just copy a link to Users<user>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsSendTo.


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