DevelopMentor Connected Systems Roadshow

Rich, Niels and me will do a 2-day event at the Microsoft Campus Thames Valley Park in Reading 29th/30th November.

Rich and Niels will build a system based on WCF, Service Broker and Biztalk on that day and have David Gristwood and Gavin King (both from Microsoft) talking about the general strategy and roadmap of the above products.

My track will focus on the ASP.NET side of the house and will cover topics like ASP.NET integration in IIS7 (and the new extensibility), Input Validation, Authentication & Authorization, Logging and Instrumentation as well as migration of password based application to Windows CardSpace (aka “InfoCard”). In addition Mike Taulty from Microsoft will show how to integrate ASP.NET web applications and services with business processes implemented in Workflow.

The event is free and will be fun – for more info go to or call +44 (0) 1242 525108.

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