Chapter 4: Storing Secrets

Just to prove that I am still working on that book – here is the TOC for the “Storing Secrets” chapter.

  • Attacks and Attackers
  • Cryptography to the Rescue?
  • Hashing Data
    Hashing Algorithms, Hashing in .NET
  • Storing Passwords
    Using Salted and Iterated Hashes
  • Encrypting Data
    Symmetric Cryptography, Keys and Key Sizes, Generating Keys from Passwords, The ASP.NET Machine Key
  • Integrity Protection
  • Designing an Application that uses Symmetric Crypto
  • Asymmetric Cryptography
    Certificates, Certificate and Key Store, Signing and Encrypting Data, Decrypting Data and Verifying Signatures, Setting ACLs on Private Key Container Files
  • Designing an Application that uses Asymmetric Crypto
  • Windows Data Protection API
  • Protecting Configuration Files
  • Encrypting ViewState

more to come…


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