ShowContexts – another update – I admit it

After finding this issue, I felt like I have to look at the different principals more granularly.

It is now showing:

  • authentication & impersonation configuration settings
  • type of Membership and Role provider
  • trust level
  • type of current IPrincipal/IIdentity on Context.User
  • type of current IPrincipal/IIdentity on Thread.CurrentPrincipal 
  • process identity
  • thread identity (if impersonating)
  • Context.User name and authentication type
  • Thread.CurrentPrincipal name and authentication type
  • IIS authentication outcome used by FileAuthorizationModule
  • client certificate (and the embedded UPN if from a Windows enterprise CA)
  • roles (for Windows-, Roles- and GenericPrincipal) (2.29 KB)


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