Common Log File System

One upside of being ill (I brought a flu virus from the last conference with me) is, that at some point you are so fed up with “recovering”, that you start looking around for new technologies (don’t do something work related – because you have to recover :)

One thing I was ranting about recently is, that all of these fancy new OS technologies in R2 and Vista will not be supported managed right from the start, and that Mr. P/Invoke will be a frequent guest at your house for some years again. And one of my prime examples was the new Common Log File System (CLFS). But hey, I was wrong.

System.IO.Log seems to be the managed implemenation of CLFS. woohoo. Now I only need a R2 dev image (as it does not seem to work on Vista, yet)….

Of course, only after I have fully recovered again :)


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