Monthly Archives: May 2005

Windows Server 2003 R2 Trial

A trial version of W2K3 R2 is for download here. Stuff i’d like to play around with Active Directory Federation Services New Authorization Manager features (SAML Tokens, ADAM Principles) Common Logging File System if i’d had more time, time, time….  

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Slowing down automated Attacks

I came across this new whitepaper from NGS (David Litchfield’s company). It is about how automated scanners/attack tools work and how you could modify your web applications to make these kind of tools less successful. interesting read.  

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Another way of integrating AzMan

I am currently playing around with a custom IPrincipal implementation that uses AzMan as a backing store. There are other implementations around, but what strikes me odd is, that most of them only use the role storage features – which … Continue reading

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