Generating Certificates for SslStream

if you want to play around with SslStream in Whidbey, the hardest part is to get ahold of the right type of certificate (in the right store).

If you don’t have a full blown CA around (like OpenSSL or Windows 2003 CA), there’s a tool called makecert.exe and it is included with .NET.

The steps:

  1. First you have to create a CA certificate, which you will later use to sign the actual cert used for SSL
  2. Create a SSL Certificate
  3. Make sure the account your SSL server is running under has access to both certs

i could duplicate the information, but i found a good walkthrough here.

Make sure both certs are installed in the cert store for the user your demon is running under. So you have to import the CA .cer file under “Trusted Root Authorities” and the SSL .pfx file in the Personal store.


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