Essential .NET Security 2.0

Interested in 4 days of in-depth knowledge about building secure applications using the new .NET 2.0 features??? While having big fun???

DevelopMentor’s Essential .NET Security 2.0 course is finished. We will start to teach it in Europe starting with the 29th of march.

see you there!


Here’s the description:

Essential .NET 2.0 Security provides you with an in-depth examination of various threat and mitigation techniques you may most often encounter. The course then moves on to cover symmetric and public key cryptography methods in .NET 2.0 “Whidbey”, as well as how to program Kerberos and SSL. Further, fundamental operating system security concepts – including principals, authorities, services, security identifiers, tokens, logon sessions, window stations, access control, and more – are covered in this comprehensive course. The new security infrastructure for securing mobile code and the security features for ClickOnce deployment will also be discussed. And to round out your training experience, you’ll learn techniques for securing ASP.NET, Web services, the .NET Remoting infrastructure, strategies for access control including role-based and ACL level security, and secure coding techniques (avoiding common security bugs such as buffer overflows and SQL injection attacks).


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