Ctrl-F5 is back!

what bugged me since the first version of VS2005 i installed on my laptop (i think it’s plain beta 1 and i did not follow all this CTP madness), is the removal of the “hit any key to close window” message when you Ctrl-F5 start a console app. i thought this was odd and blamed it on the beta.

Today IanG complained about it on his blog and it came back to my mind. On the beta site this was not filed as a bug but “by-design”. bah. shortly after that Chris Sells asked on his blog to vote against this “feature” – and a few hours later – Ctrl-F5 is back!

“This has been fixed and the feature is back to the behavior you would expect. Thank you for pointing this out to me, and keep all the great feedback coming.”

power to the people :)


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