Advanced Developer Conference

i arrived at ulm (well, to be exactly it is “neu-ulm” which is apparently a complete different thing for my car navigation….). it is snowing in germany, which is kind of mad since we had 12°C 3 days ago – and driving was not really big fun.

then i managed to miss the other speakers for dinner…

ok – that gives me some time to work in the hotel room (networked hotels rule!)

i just did a prototype of an ASP.NET frontend for LogParser – yes – it is ugly – and it is not working 100% correctly (ok 50% would be more accurate) – but sufficient to show tomorrow.

i will post the slides tomorrow – and the LogParser sample when it is usable.

i will do a talk about securing W2K3/IIS6/ASP.NET Servers/Applications tomorrow and i think i prepared some good demos. to cite peter provost: “scare the shit out of them!” –

i will :)

OK – bed time.

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