"Generate Method Stub" rocks!

lately i have been playing around with VS.NET 2005 Beta 1 – and i must say : i love it. One day with the new IDE and you don’t want to go back in time to 2003 :)

While coding the new Crypter sample with the new X509 classes i experimented a little bit with the refactoring support. i especially liked “Generate Method Stub”. Never heard of “Intentional Programming” before – but this seems to be my way :)

Some examples:

static void Main(string[] args)
  string user = getUser();

Right Click on getUser() -> Generate Method Stub – and voila

private static string getUser()
  throw new NotImplementedException();

nice and static.

another one i liked:

Lib lib = new Lib();
string user = lib.GetUser();

click. VS now adds the GetUser Method to the referenced class. nice.

internal string GetUser()
  throw new NotImplementedException();

this one rocked my world:

public string[] AddUser(string UserName, string Password)
  // Add the User and return all Users
  return GetUsers();

click on GetUsers() and you get

private string[] GetUsers()
  throw new NotImplementedException();

nice work VS.NET Team!

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