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IdentityServer v3 and Azure WebSites (and other Deployment Simplifications)

(applies to preview 1) A common request for IdentityServer was being able to run on Azure WebSites (or other constrained deployment environments where you don’t have machine level access). This was never easy because our default implementations in v2 had … Continue reading

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New Pluralsight Course: “Web API v2 Security”

It is finally online! Hope you like it.

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List of Libaries and Projects for OpenID Connect and JWT

..can be found here

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Introducing Thinktecture IdentityManager

Originally posted on brockallen:
Back in 2005 when Microsoft released the ASP.NET MembershipProvider API, they also included in Visual Studio the ASP.NET WebSite Administration tool. This was used by developers to quickly create and edit users to populate the MembershipProvider…

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Announcing Thinktecture IdentityServer v3 – Preview 1

The last months we’ve been heads down re-writing IdentityServer from scratch (see here for background) – and we are now at a point where we think we have enough up and running to show it to you! What we’ve done … Continue reading

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Integrating AuthorizationServer with Auth0

AuthorizationServer is a lightweight OAuth2 implementation that is designed to integrate with arbitrary identity management systems. I wrote about integration with Thinktecture IdentityServer, ADFS and even plain Windows integrated authentication before. Another really compelling and feature rich identity management is … Continue reading

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The Web API v2 OAuth2 Authorization Server Middleware–Is it worth it?

Adding the concept of an authorization server to your web APIs is the recommended architecture for managing authentication and authorization. But writing such a service from scratch is not an easy task. To simplify that, Microsoft included an OAuth2 based … Continue reading

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OAuth2 and OpenID Connect Scope Validation for OWIN/Katana

In OAuth2 or OpenID Connect you don’t necessarily always use the audience to partition your token space – the scope concept is also commonly used (see also Vittorio’s post from yesterday). A while ago I created a Web API authorize … Continue reading

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OpenID Connect and the IdentityServer Roadmap

Since OpenID Connect has been officially released now, I thought I’ll tell you a little bit more about our plans around our identity open source projects. IdentityServerIdSrv is a very popular identity provider with excellent support for WS-Federation and WS-Trust. … Continue reading

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Test driving the WS-Federation Authentication Middleware for Katana

Microsoft just released an alpha version of the “most wanted” middleware for Katana: WS-Federation authentication! I tested the bits against ADFS and of course – IdentityServer – and it is unspectacularly easy to get started (that’s a good thing). 1 … Continue reading

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